Burrus Flour Mill

Maker of White Billows Flour
407 E Louisiana St

One of the earliest mills was the Collin County Mill and Elevator Company located just outside of McKinney. It was established in 1892 by W. C. Burrus and son, John Perry Burrus. John Perry along with E.W. Kirkpatrick co-owned the Collin County Mill by the turn of the 20th century. The mill burned in 1899 and was rebuilt as the Burrus Mill & Elevator. The mill grew and moved to new facilities located at 407 E. Louisiana St. The mill remained in operation from 1914 until the 1970s, producing White Billows Flour.

The history of the Flour Mill is significant because of its association with the local cotton and grain industry, which was the basis for the town’s commercial development. The City of McKinney contributed significantly in making Texas one of the nation’s largest cotton and grain producing states in the nation. The Burrus Mills were the largest flour operation in the southwest.

Today the Flour Mill has been renovated and is the Mill at East McKinney. It serves as an events venue and an office space.